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Building resilience: Why modern building codes are essential

April 5, 2024

As severe weather worsens, let’s advocate for standards to help protect us all.

The headlines are alarming: Severe weather events are becoming more frequent and devastating. Between 2018 and 2022, the U.S. experienced a staggering 89 billion-dollar weather and climate disasters.1 Severe weather is affecting more homes and businesses, particularly in states that are prone to wildfires and hurricanes. In the face of this extreme weather, it’s clear that we need to act now to protect our communities.

Why modern building codes matter

One of the most effective ways to prepare for and mitigate the impact of severe weather is through the adoption of modern building codes. Yet, shockingly, 65% of U.S. communities are not adhering to these essential standards.2 This is where Nationwide® steps in.

We advocate for the mandatory adoption of building codes, permits, inspections, licensing, and training. These measures are not only crucial for protecting property and lives but also for reducing the need for post-disaster federal aid. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s 2020 study, enhanced building codes could save an astounding $132 billion in losses between 2000 and 2040.2 Furthermore, a recent Nationwide survey revealed overwhelming support for the importance of building codes in preparing for severe weather.

Join us in building resilient communities

Nationwide is deeply committed to advocating for modern building codes. This includes ongoing research, innovation and advocacy as well as providing offerings that directly benefit our customers. We invite you, your agency, your clients, and your community to join us in this critical mission.

Our comprehensive PDF provides valuable insights into building codes and standards, the impact of severe weather on homes and businesses, and how you can engage with elected officials to drive change. Together, we can build a more resilient future.

Explore this PDF to discover how you can be part of the movement to build a more resilient future.