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Video: Mark Berven and NAMIC on the value of collaborative risk mitigation

February 14, 2024

Join the conversation as Mark Berven, President and COO of Nationwide Property & Casualty, and Erin Collins, Senior Vice President of State and Policy Affairs at the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC), discuss a range of industry topics, from debunking insurance myths to the pivotal shift towards predictive and preventative measures. Uncover the essential role of building codes, unravel NAMIC’s key initiatives, and delve into the future of FORTIFIED building standards.

Part 1: What NAMIC is and what they do

Part 2: Common myths and misconceptions about insurance

Part 3: Moving from repair and replace to predict and prevent

Part 4: The importance of building codes

Part 5: Key initiatives NAMIC is working on

Part 6: Fortified building standards and where that work is going

Part 7: Advice for agents and distribution partners to help predict and prevent