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Video: Mark Berven and Roy Wright discuss making communities more resilient to severe weather

June 29, 2023

Mark Berven, President and COO of Nationwide Property & Casualty, and Roy Wright, President and CEO of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) recently sat down to discuss how customers can protect themselves from severe weather and why we need to advocate for stronger building codes across the country.

Part 1: Overview of IBHS FORTIFIED building standards


FORTIFIED helps protect clients against severe weather damage by addressing known weaknesses in common building practices. The program offers clients an assessment and ability to search for providers in their area. Earlier this year, Mark Berven shared in Insurance Journal why these building standards should be the norm.

Part 2: Tips for protecting homes and businesses from severe weather

Learn more about the programs IBHS offers to protect from storm damage, including Wildfire Prepared and FORTIFIED Roof.

Part 3: Common myths and how to address them

IBHS has a robust library of risk research they use to influence building codes and standards.

Part 4: Distribution partners have an opportunity to drive positive change

Learn about the public policy work IBHS is doing to build resiliency.