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Gen Z Website Strategy Tips for Every Insurance Agent

December 7, 2023

As an Insurance Agent, you might be wondering how to attract and reach Generation Z with your website content. After all, these technophiles (born between 1997 and 2012) grew up with smartphones, social media and the internet, and have different needs, preferences, and expectations than prior generations. They also have a lot of purchasing power and influence, as they make up 32% of the world’s population1 and 40% of U.S. consumers2 – and these multi-takers have roughly an 8-second attention span.

Generation timeline graphic.

Let’s get to know this connected-from-the-cradle generation and begin pondering how to develop a website for people who have never known a world without the internet. The oldest have mortgages while the youngest are still tweens. In the Capco survey3, 90% of Gen Z are willing to share personal data with insurance companies to get a personalized premium: sharing driving history (from smartphones and telematics), health data (from smartwatches), social media data and other smart home devices. Are you suddenly thinking about multiple insurance products that are a great fit for Gen Zers?

What insurance products should you promote to Gen Z?

According to the 2023 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA4 the top three insurance products owned by Gen Zers are:

  • Auto insurance: 50% of Gen Zers own auto insurance, lower than the national average of 57%. They have a high interest in optional coverages, such as personal electronics and pet insurance.
  • Property insurance: 36% of Gen Zers own property insurance, lower than the national average of 48%. As they enter the housing market, they will need property insurance that covers their assets and liabilities.

Improving their online experience, by having robust web pages on these three products, will address specific needs and interests of Gen Zers. You can highlight the benefits and value proposition of your insurance products and services, provide social proof and trust signals, and use interactive and visual content to showcase how insurance products better the lives of policyholders.

What do Gen Zers need to understand about their insurance needs?

How to choose the right insurance products is something Gen Zers are interested in. By using a content segmentation strategy, you can deliver value for the Gen Z segment by sharing your expert knowledge on how to select the right insurance products. Consider developing webpages on these Gen Z-friendly topics:

  • The value of insurance: Help Gen Zers understand that insurance is an investment in their financial security and well-being, and can help them protect their homes, assets, and liabilities. Sharing your expertise can guide them toward achieving their near-term goals, and eventually retiring comfortably.
  • The types of insurance: Help Gen Zers understand the different types of insurance available, how they work, and the options and features they can tailor to their needs. A recent survey by Rocket Mortgage5 discovered that 86% of Gen Z want to be homeowners, and 45% plan to own a home in the next five years. With the right strategy in place, your website content can be a valuable resource to Gen Zers as they do their research on homeownership.
  • The factors that affect insurance: Gen Zers have opportunity to learn about the factors that affect their insurance needs, costs, and coverage. By delivering your expert knowledge to them through your website content you’ll strengthen your agency’s brand with this valuable audience segment, and over time turn “future customers” into “customers”.

By tailoring website pages to specific needs and interests of Gen Z, your website content can be a valuable resource to Gen Zers as they research insurance products online.

To increase your website’s appeal to Gen Z, it’s important to make your website content informative, educational, and entertaining. If you haven’t already, consider using videos, infographics, quizzes, surveys, stories, testimonials, user-generated content, and other content types that Gen Zers enjoy. As economic power and demo dominance trend towards Gen Z, there are huge opportunities in this data-sharing and multitasking generation. Investing time to understand Gen Z is the cornerstone for effective communication and deeper connections with this audience segment.

Adapting your marketing strategy to add Gen Z website content, which can be amplified via social media and email, is crucial to meet the needs of this up-and-coming generation of adults. By understanding their insurance preferences and informing them about their options, you can open digital doors and communicate with them reliably and appropriately. Making these strategic changes to your website can future-proof your business and build trust and loyalty with the emerging Gen Z audience through authentic, relevant, and engaging content.


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