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Video: Enhancing your website to attract and retain clients

March 8, 2022

Many buying journeys begin online as customers research and plan their purchases, so it’s likely your website will be the first introduction a client has to your business. Reviews, a contact form, search engine optimization, and an about page are a few key foundational features for your website. Once you have these foundational features in place, there are a few next steps to consider that will help improve the client experience and create efficiencies to help prioritize staff time.


Mobile queries that contain “insurance near me” have grown by over 100%.1 When it comes to making your site mobile friendly, images, text and menu options should all be sized correctly to be viewed on mobile devices.

Live chat technology

Using artificial intelligence, live chat capabilities can help provide a better, more responsive client experience, like answering questions like about coverage or even securing a policy. Artificial intelligence is predicted to handle 95% of customer interactions by 2025.2

Client portal

Another way to meet client expectations and enable self-service 24/7. Clients can be proactive with requests like looking up policy information. Our Agency Forward research found 48% of consumers have used a self-service portal.

As a whole, technology can help foster a more personalized, collaborative relationship between agencies and their clients—creating unmatched experiences to stand out from the competition. Keep in mind, offering digital experiences may also help demonstrate you’re a trustworthy and dependable insurance partner, capable of adapting within this evolving insurance landscape.


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