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Marketing content that makes your agency shine

February 15, 2024

How do you make your agency shine? As an independent agent, you know how competitive the insurance market is. You need to stand out from the crowd, retain your current customers, and attract future customers to your agency. But how can you do that in the digital age, where people are bombarded with information and advertisements every day?

Showcasing your agency through high-quality content marketing does not happen by accident. Content strategy can help you increase your brand awareness, enhance your customer loyalty, have meaningful customer engagement, and improve customer retention.

What is a content strategy?

The content strategy builds off the marketing strategy, the key business and customer needs to effectively address them. Content strategy is not just about creating content. It is about creating content with a purpose.  Let’s lean in on content strategy.

Content strategy: A content strategy is a plan for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your target audience. Think about the value you deliver through your content. Are you providing a full value chain? How do you envision getting readers to stay engaged with your insurance agency? A consistent message, delivered creatively in different scenarios and platforms, will begin to brand your value proposition over time among your target audience.

Planning components: content strategy consists of a content audit, content goals, content personas, content topics, content formats, content calendar, content distribution, and content measurement.

Strategy execution: The execution of a content strategy can help you grow your brand awareness, improve your search results and increase site traffic, engage with more customers and future customers in social media, and enhance your customer loyalty.

Using content strategy to strengthen your insurance agency

To create a successful content strategy for your insurance agency, here are some steps to consider.

Conduct a content audit: Evaluate your current content and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Compare your content with your competitors and see what you can do better or differently. Look for gaps as you evaluate what is available online.

Set content goals: Define the specific and measurable objectives that you want to achieve with your content. Make sure they align with your business goals and your audience’s needs and preferences. Be thought leadership focused, not product focused. Provide value through your knowledge of insurance and your experience as a fellow citizen in this journey called life.

Create content personas: Create fictional representations of the potential customers you’re trying to reach. Understand who you are creating content for, what they are looking for, and how they consume content. Use your existing customer data, market research, and interviews to create content personas.

Research content topics: Find the main themes or ideas that you want to cover with your content. Make sure they are relevant, timely, and useful for your audience, and showcase your expertise and value proposition. Use keyword tools, social media, industry publications, and customer feedback to research content topics.

Choose content formats: Decide on the types of content that you want to create, such as blog posts, ebooks, videos, podcasts, webinars, etc. Choose the formats that suit your topics, your audience, and your resources. Also, think about how you can repurpose or update your content for different formats and channels.

Plan a content calendar: A content calendar helps you stay organized, consistent, and accountable with your content strategy as you create and distribute your content.

Publish and distribute your content: Share your content with your audience through the appropriate channels, such as your website, social media, email, etc.

How did it perform? Track and analyze your content performance using channel metrics to optimize your content for each channel. The insights you make can be used to improve content strategy and achieve your content goals. Remember to re-purpose high performing content across different channels.

Ways to maximize impact when creating your content

To maximize your content strategy when creating your content, consider these approaches:

Deliver value in your content and build quantity over time: Quality content provides value, relevance, and consistency to your audience. Quality content is more likely to attract more attention, engage your readers/viewers, garner more likes and shares, rank higher on search engines, and generate more trust and loyalty. Ask your customer service team what questions they answer over and over again and start building the high-value content that your customers need to know.

Utilizing AI for efficiency in your high-quality content creation: You can probably name 2-3 free AI writing tools off the top. If you haven’t already why not test them? You can use generative AI to create website content, social posts, email messaging, and more. In general, the tools can function as a writing assistant in response to your prompts. Prompt the tool like you’d speak to another human and give it a writing assignment. It will take a few attempts to work well with the technology. By using AI, you’re taking advantage of the machine learning from analysis of human writing to produce new, quality writing. You can refine and rewrite the content with the AI tool suggestions for grammar, tone, word choice and rephrasing. AI can also translate into different languages, allowing you to meet the needs of your customers. Layer on your professional expertise to bring higher value to the AI-generated drafts. Remember, don’t share proprietary data in your prompts. And always read and revise the AI-generated content to make it yours and deliver your message in your voice. AI tools are known to hallucinate, so be sure to double-check any factual statements or recommendations it generates. Generative AI can improve writing quality and is a time saver. There are lots of distractions out there, so make sure your content brings value and pops.

Use storytelling techniques: Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your audience and bring life to your message. Conveying a story can help you humanize your brand, evoke emotions, and inspire action. Making your content more memorable and shareable. You can use storytelling techniques such as anecdotes, metaphors, examples, and case studies to improve engaging and persuasive with your agency’s content.

We understand your time is valuable and by following these steps and tips, you can have a streamlined approach to your content strategy that strengthens your insurance agency and increases your brand favorability and reach. Content strategy is not a one-time thing. So, develop a marketing process to facilitate the production of high-quality content that delivers against your content strategy and goals – and makes your agency shine.