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Video: Black History Maker Raquel Tilman

May 8, 2023

Raquel Tillman, CEO of Tillman Insurance Advisors, shares her story of how she arrived at who she is today, what she has learned throughout her career, and the challenges she has overcome.

“You can learn the industry, you can be an expert in the industry, but if you’re not authentic and kind and people don’t trust or people don’t want to work with you, you won’t be successful.”


Learn more about hiring and retaining diverse talent

From underwriting to marketing, Tillman mentions the many roles in the insurance industry. When looking for an agent, diversity within the agency is increasingly important to consumers, 67% reported so according to our Agency Forward research. It’s important to acknowledge the opportunity to prioritize hiring and retaining diverse talent. Increasing access to Black insurance professionals is a way to move toward an equitable future and better serve the community.

To learn more about how to attract and retain diverse talent, view our webinar with insights, including:

  • Evaluate hiring processes and prerequisites for jobs, including whether industry background, or even a college degree, is required.
  • Make sure your internship or mentorship program includes schools in minority communities.
  • The industry also has increased demand for people with strong data, technology, and digital skillsets, with the need to explore non-traditional talent pools.

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In honor of Black History Month, Nationwide highlighted business owners and their positive impact to future generations. Black history makers create positive impacts for society and inspire future generations. See more stories on our Black History Makers YouTube series.