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Strengthen customer relationships by staying ahead of evolving risks

March 14, 2023

Agents have a long heritage of working with their customers to mitigate risk and manage change.

Today, that includes knowledge of and access to the new tools and technology that enable farmers, ranchers and agribusiness operators to do their jobs even better. To help you stay ahead, we offer more than just the right insurance solutions to help your customers manage risk and create efficiency in their operations with cost-effective solutions.

Technology to help customers manage risk and increase efficiency

It’s our responsibility to continue to evolve and grow in partnership with you, so we’re staying on top of the trends that shape how your customers will do business in the future. Sometimes that means providing high-value information and the peace of mind that comes from the right insurance protection. It also means partnering with innovators who deliver new solutions to longstanding risk factors on farms, ranches and agribusinesses. Your Nationwide customers have access to exclusive pricing and discounts on these new tools.

Hay quality monitoring

HAYTECH is a collection of hay temperature probes and digital cloud-based platform that facilitate real-time hay bale temperature monitoring and enhanced awareness on hay condition and quality. Each HAYTECH system comprises footlong hay probes that monitor and record temperatures inside bales. Each probe is connected wirelessly to a cloud-based server where temperature data is logged on a desktop or mobile interface. Probes are sold in quantities of 100 and alert an operator when an abnormal situation is detected, facilitating quick action and preventing hay fire.

Self-activating fire extinguishing balls

Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls are self-activating fire mitigation tools. When touched by flame, the ball ignites and disperses a dry chemical to extinguish the fire. The Fire Ball can be used for active or passive fire mitigation and prevention. Actively, the user can throw the ball toward flames, engaging the release of fire suppression material.

For passive fire mitigation, each Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball includes a mounting bracket and can be mounted anywhere from the wall of a building to the engine compartment of a piece of machinery for 24/7 protection.

Offer innovative solutions to build customer trust

The right insurance coverage is obviously important to maintaining peace of mind for farmers, ranchers and agribusiness operators. But tools like these add a new layer of risk mitigation and operational efficiency. By offering solutions like HAYTECH and Elide, you can demonstrate knowledge of protection beyond insurance and a general interest in helping your customers succeed.

Providing affordable access to tools like these — or even information about them — helps you position yourself as a trusted partner in protecting customers from potentially devastating dangers like fire. That strengthens bonds with your customers and, in turn, leads to a fruitful relationship built on trust and a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face.

Tour AgXpo for more on innovation in farm risk management

Companies from around1 the world shared practical innovations that can advance and evolve risk management and efficiency on farms, ranches and agribusinesses. Share this resource to help futureproof your customers’ ag businesses and ensure you’re evolving in the right ways to help them maintain safe, successful operations.


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