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Grain bin safety: Protect lives on the farm

December 11, 2023

From 2007 to 2022, there were 546 documented entrapments in grain bins1, but the good news is all grain entrapments are preventable through awareness and safety practices. Learn more about the risk of working in and around grain bins with this infographic

You can help save lives in your own community through education, rescue equipment and first responder training.

What happens when a farmer becomes entrapped in grain

While a zero-entry mentality is critically important, it’s idealistic. Farmers enter grain bins and can become fully submerged in grain in just 20 seconds.2 That’s why grain rescue tubes, swift action and proper training are needed to save lives when accidents happen.

Fourth generation farmer, Tim Forkner, shares his story.

The role of grain rescue tubes and first responders

When a farmer becomes engulfed, they can’t simply be pulled out because the pressure of the grain is so great. First responders need to have the specialized rescue tubes to perform a successful rescue.

Equally as important, is ensuring first responders have the right knowledge to use the tube. The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) provides hands-on training across the country to help effectively educate fire departments on the nuances of grain entrapment via a simulator.

Hear about the lifesaving impact a Nationwide-awarded rescue tube and training from NECAS had on an Ohio farmer.

“There’s no way we could perform the rescue that we did, without a rescue tube.”
– Andy Mason, Wilmington Fire Department Fire Chief

Bring education and equipment to your community

Become a community leader in grain bin safety awareness and action to reduce preventable injuries and fatalities. Watch this video to see how Specialty Risk Insurance is doing just that.

  • Become a sponsor: Help equip emergency personnel in your community with grain rescue tubes and training.
  • Nominate a fire department: Our annual contest provides fire departments with grain entrapment rescue training and a grain rescue tube.
  • Educate your community: Get resources to share safety tips with your farm customers including short form videos, social media posts and more.


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