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Video: Become a community leader in grain bin safety awareness and action

February 16, 2023

One life lost to grain entrapment is too many. But such loss of life happens every year. It’s part of why grain bin safety is so important. As an agent, your voice is among the loudest and most respected in sharing important safety messages in your community.

Grain bin safety is more than just a campaign

Grain Bin Safety Week is a massively important campaign for Nationwide, agents, associates and customers. But grain bin safety is much more than that. Though Grain Bin Safety Week is just one week out of the year, this is something we’re passionate about year-round. And it’s part of our commitment to the health, safety and success of our farm customers. We want farmers to stay safe, and that effort starts at the agency level.

Grain Bin Safety Week and the Think Grain Bin Safety campaign depend on local participation among agents. By getting involved, you can accomplish three major objectives:

  • Save lives. Share critical safety information, tools and training. Enable first responders to save farmers and workers trapped in grain bins.
  • Become a farm safety thought leader. Using Nationwide resources, you can develop and demonstrate grain bin safety expertise to your community.
  • Lead your community. Grow your role as a trusted farm adviser by creating new confidence among your customers and others in your community.

Become a community leader on grain bin safety

These opportunities and others like them help make you a community leader in critically important safety issues like grain bin safety. We don’t want to just talk about grain bin safety. We want to raise awareness about how to save lives and equip our rural communities with the tools and training they need to make it happen.

Grain bin safety is so important to us at Nationwide because we recognize the extreme hazards of working in grain bins. And we want to ensure our customers and all farmers are safe and return home at the end of every day working on the farm.

Other ways you can become a farm safety leader

As the number-one farm insurer in the U.S., it’s our responsibility to demonstrate leadership on key safety and risk mitigation themes. That means Nationwide agents have unique opportunities to become leaders in not just grain bin safety, but also manure pit safety and sustaining agriculture education through the Golden Owl Award® program. Such efforts depend on your leadership in the community, and they demonstrate why Nationwide is the nation’s leader in bolstering rural communities.

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