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Agents Can Give Instant Insurance Quotes with Nationwide Express

OCT. 26, 2020

Living in a digital age has created an on-demand lifestyle. Ordering anything—from products and services to food and entertainment—on your phone from the couch and having it delivered right to your doorstep is now mainstay in how we live.

And, we take these expectations into the workplace. Agents in particular require products and services that make their lives easier. Some of these can be simple—like a dual monitor or a screen-sharing platform. Others are more complex, like voice-to-text services or a great CRM.

The Nationwide Express quote tool

In our recent Agent Authority research, nearly a third (32%) of consumers told us the length of time it takes to receive an insurance quote from an agent can be a challenge for them. One way that we’re helping agents meet this customer expectation is with Nationwide Express–it’s a faster, easier way to offer multiline quotes to your customers in as little as two minutes.

Nationwide Express mobile app

We continue to innovate, as well. We recently announced the addition of the Nationwide Express mobile app. With it, you can simply scan a prospect’s driver’s license with your phone and complete an auto quote in as little as 60 seconds. With 47% of consumers potentially reassessing their insurance needs due to economic uncertainty, now is a great time to have a quick and easy tool at your disposal. Regardless of where you are, the Nationwide Express mobile app can provide instant pricing options to help customers assess the choices that best fit their life.

And you can add other policies, like homeowners and renters, with just a click. The Nationwide Express mobile app is already available in 31 states for iPhone users, and an Android version and more states are coming soon.

No matter what happens next that affects your business, we’ll keep working to give you the tools you need to succeed.