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Pennsylvania agency shares social media best practices

May 11, 2021

In a recent webinar, the Spotts Insurance Group of Pennsylvania shared some of their best practices for using social media. Here are a few tips Al Spina, Vice President of Operations and Mary Fran Bachman, Marketing Specialist shared.

Reflect your community

“Our brand is tied directly to our team and our community, we reflect that in social media,” said Bachman.

She’s right, customers want to see your agency present and personable. Share how your agency is showing up in the community – volunteering, events or supporting local businesses. Involve your employees as well as members of the community, celebrate their anniversaries and share their insights. Spina shared they’ve been posting two-minute videos where employees share about working in the insurance industry and a little about their hobbies and interests.

Make it routine

Once you’ve created your social channels Spina stressed the importance of posting regularly and seeing what content works. The Spotts Agency creates contests around holiday and events, shares client reviews, promotes their referral program and as an appointed agency, they’ll share content provided by our social media program. They also use scheduling tools, like the one provided in Facebook so they easily plan their posts.

Tools for success

For visuals, Bachman recommended tools like Canva and Photoshop. When it comes to video, most can be recorded and edited on your phone. Spina shared, “it doesn’t have to be fancy – it can be simple and personable.” For metrics, the Agency looks at information provided in the platforms and sites like Bitly are also easy to use for tracking information.

Quality over Quantity

Social isn’t generating a large volume of leads, but with their social strategy the leads are quality. Bachman shared, “leads we get though social media tend to be higher quality leads that you may find elsewhere.” The leads are coming from interested clients who saw posts from a trusted connection – an agency employee, business or current customer in the community.

These were just a few of the best practices shared but for agencies just starting out, Spina says, “Just start. You’ll figure out what works – give it time, you’ll pick up steam.”